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An Update on our Storm Damage Repair


Currently all efforts are focusing on the new building to open it back up for Worship Gatherings as soon as possible.

  • Items that were salvageable have been packed up and put into storage.
  • All the damaged building materials have been removed.
  • Replacement roof trusses have been ordered.
  • Contractors are working on repairing their areas (HVAC, Electrical, etc.)

Once the damage has been mitigated and the roofing materials arrive construction will begin to:

  • Replace the roof
  • Replace the sheetrock and insulation
  • Replace the flooring and paint, etc.

As this process completes the items from storage will be brought back and we can begin to use the building again. JNB Restoration is handling this for us on behalf of the insurance company. They are out of Dickson and we have used them before.


The original building is not being addressed just yet. We are waiting on an engineer to inspect it before we begin the process of repairing it. Should the building be cleared for repair the process will be lengthy as it sustained the most damage.

There is no timeline set for any of this yet. Originally 6-8 weeks was the estimate, but that was purely a guess. 4 weeks passed as we navigated through the holidays and waited on the insurance company and their adjuster to do their part. While everyone involved has been working in a timely manner, you can see how quickly a construction schedule can get delayed. At this point, getting back into the new building by mid to late March would be an attainable goal. However, each time we get winter weather it does delay that another few days. The construction on the original building could take the remainder of this year.


Please be in prayer during this time:

  • Pray for church leadership as decisions are made in this process.
  • Pray for the insurance company to be generous and easy to deal with.
  • Pray for JNB Restoration and all the sub-contractors doing this work.
  • Pray that the weather is cooperative. (no more storms!)

Please be patient and Holy Spirit led:

Let's never forget that all things fall under the authority of our Sovereign God. So let us all be praying and seeking His will during this time. We are being forced to temporarily adjust what we do and how we do it. Is God showing us something through this? Consider the areas you are responsible for in our church, and use this time to be sure we are operating as He would have us -- according to His Word.

Please be patient and understanding during this time. Be flexible and pray much.

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