October 27, 2022 Chance Strickland

It takes work

It takes work

Reading: 1 Kings 2:46

Solomon’s kingdom is finally established, but wow, what a job to get it that way. Think back to the first chapter and all that had to be done to stop Adonijah the first time.

One of the biggest problems with society and culture today is that we want “established” now without the time and effort it takes to get it that way. If you want an established yard, it takes a lot of work and time to have it look just right.

All my life I have tried to make work as easy as possible. Any little thing I could do to lessen the load or do something in “mass” I always will. As I age, more and more I realize that some things just cannot be done easier. Success only comes before work in the dictionary!

“It is observable that God has often called men to places of dignity and honor when they have busy and honest employment of their vocation. Saul was seeking his father’s donkeys and David his father’s sheep when called to the Kingdom. The shepherds were feeding their flocks when they had their glorious revelation. God called the four apostles from their fishing and Matthew from collecting taxes, Amos from the horsemen of Tecoah, Moses from keeping Jethro’s sheep, Gideon from the threshing floor, Elisha from the plows. God never called a lazy man. God never encourages idleness and will not despise persons in the lowest employment.”

 —D. L. Moody