October 17, 2022 Chance Strickland

Don’t push the limits

Don’t push the limits

Reading: 1 Kings 2:35-46

Some might say, “Don’t press your luck.” Shimei got off easy, but he had to try Solomon. All he had to do was stay in town and not leave. He was under “town arrest" so Solomon had him executed.

Why is it we push the limits? We seem to want only the things we cannot have. Think of ways we push limits. My doctor tells me not to eat doughnuts. This just causes me to want them more. I don’t crave fruit like I do doughnuts. Maybe if someone told me I couldn’t have it. I can drive 55, so I’ll go 60-62. My bill is due the 1st, but I won’t get a fee until the 15th.

Don’t push the limits. Have Character. Especially with spiritual matters.