June 13, 2022 Harpeth Baptist Church

Missionary Monday: Update from The Wonser Family

Missionary Monday: Update from The Wonser Family

The Wonser Family

Looking For a New Home/God’s Half Acre

Aloha from the Wonser Ohana. We are overjoyed to share how the mighty hand of God is directing and providing as we proclaim the gospel. The Bible Studies, worship and prayer meetings in our home, are expanding!! In our last update, we asked everyone to pray about a future meeting place, as we continue to outgrow our home. God answered our prayer in very unique circumstances. We have a dual prayer request and blessing to share. On July 31st, we will need to find a new home to live in, and reach the community out of. The owner of the home we are renting, placed it on the market, and it sold in four days!! It get’s even better...

God has provided a half acre for us to use for Bible Study, Worship, Prayer Meetings, and community outreach. The property is pictured to the right. It is located in the heart of our community. The owner is a Christian and a friend. The owner will keep the deed to the property, but has offered us to use it free of charge for the Glory of the Lord!! To purchase this half acre here in the countryside of Oahu, would cost over half a million dollars. God is graciously allowing us to give our blood, sweat and tears to clean up the property, and serve the community on it.

The property has a small two bedroom home, that will be rented by two Christian brothers, who will be helping us minister to the community. It does not have a building to meet in, but we can set up chairs, benches, and hopefully a tent as the Lord provides. Please pray for our family as we search for a new home to live in, and transition Bible study/worship and prayer meetings to “God’s Half Acre”.

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray that God will continue strengthening our relationships with members of our community.We desire to grow together in Christ.

2. Please pray that God will provide a new home for our family to live in and minister out of. The house we are renting will be sold July 31st.

3. Please continue praying for Mike’s father “Dann Wonser”. He is continuing to heal from Stage 4 lung cancer.

4. Please pray for our eldest daughter Dixie Mae. She graduated High School this year and is taking classes through Faith Bible Institute. We would love for you to join us in praying for Dixie Mae, as she continues following God while transitioning to adulthood.

5. Please pray for a young man we are discipling and helping through a challenging time in life. He is a United States Marine. Andrew was baptized the same day as our son Landon. Andrew will be worshipping and serving with us until he moves to California in October. His wife is currently in basic training to be a combat medic, in the US Army. He is enjoying spending time with us, and being discipled, but also misses his wife very much. We are blessed to help support him in life right now.