May 17, 2022 Chance Strickland

Death is Certain

Death is Certain

Reading: 1 Kings 2:1-2, 10-11

The time for David to die is soon coming so David gives a farewell talk to his son Solomon the King “to-be”. In his talk he gives 4 things for Solomon to do: Keep God’s Law, Execute Joab for murdering Abner and Amasa, Reward Barzillai’s family for his kindness, Execute Shemei for cursing David and threatening his life. 

We need to be careful to never become someone who is unprepared for death physically. Sure we all would like to meet Jesus in the air, but chances are better we will simply die. Go ahead now and wrap your head around that. Don’t let the prognosis or the accident shake your faith. Don’t let it ruin the lives of those you love after you are gone. Go ahead now and have you affairs in order. The second coming of Christ is not a good “get out of debt” plan. It is also not a good “life insurance” policy. We need to careful to never become someone who is unprepared for death spiritually.

I will assume that you all have accepted Christ as lord of your lives and are certain you will spend eternity in heaven. But, since Death is certain and getting closer every day, and since ETERNITY is so close and forever...Are you prepared spiritually? Death is Certain. David realized it. David prepared for the inevitable.