May 31, 2022 Shanee Strickland



Reading: Leviticus 22-24

Birthday parties. New Year's Eve. Independence Day. Anniversaries. These just a few occasions that we like to celebrate. We enjoy going all out and making a big to do about things. When a team wins the Superbowl or the World Series, they go back to their city and people flood the streets to celebrate their victory. I enjoy celebrations myself.

As a child of God, don’t we have so many reasons to celebrate? I love reading through the Old Testament just to find how they would celebrate after God gave them a victory. Think about the children of Israel and the many times we find in Scripture that they celebrated God’s provisions and victories! In the midst of the celebration, do you think they were concerned with the problems they might face tomorrow? The enemies in the camp over the next mountain? No! They celebrated the victory they were experiencing! When a team wins the championship, do they discourage themselves about the games they won’t win next season? No! 

What about you? When God gives a victory in your life, do you sit back and think, “Well, I wonder what bad thing is going to happen next?” Avoid such pessimism! Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate! God is good!

Just for today, I will celebrate. I will celebrate the past that God has brought me through, I will celebrate each small blessing of today, and I will also celebrate my future. God is a God of celebration. I will celebrate His provisions and goodness. I will celebrate Him for who He is.