May 12, 2022 Shanee Strickland



Reading: Leviticus 16-18

Pink. It happens to be the color that our whites become when a red sock rears its ugly head in the bleach load. It just sort of happens, and it can ruin an entire load of white clothes. A red sock has no business in the load of whites, and the mishap could have been avoided if I had separated the clothes more carefully. But you know, sometimes those socks just kind of sneak in there. They are wadded up with undershirts or underwear, and it is overlooked. But regardless of how it got there, an entire load of whites will have to be re-bleached, or pink will have to be the new style for a while! 

So it is with our Christian living. There are some things that just don't belong. It is up to me to carefully separate myself from those things that can 'stain' my Christian walk.  

Just for today, I will reflect on the importance of separation from worldly things. God told the children of Israel that there were things from which they should abstain so they would not defile the land as the heathen did before them. As a Christian there are some things that we have to avoid and of which we should not partake.