September 09, 2021 Shanee Strickland



Reading: Exodus 29-32

Just for today, I will be patient. Sometimes we can’t see what God is doing, and we may feel that He isn’t working in our circumstance; but He is always working. I will not let impatience fuel my actions.

I have a favorite devotional book from which I love to read, and again, I have found a passage from Streams in the Desert that really reiterates today’s thought:

“I do not believe that we have begun to understand the marvelous power there is in stillness. We are in such a hurry-we must be doing-so that we are in danger of not giving God a chance to work. You may depend upon it; God never says to us, “Stand still,” or “Sit still,” or “Be still,” unless He is going to do something.”

What a comfort to know!