May 21, 2021 Harpeth Baptist Church

A Letter to Graduates

A Letter to Graduates

At this school year’s end I encourage especially the graduating students of Cheatham County and beyond to use your hands in this fashion as you walk further into life’s adventure:

In one of your hands is technology that taps into an almost instant world of information. With your phone, you already know the amazing collection of data and communication. You can talk to someone on the other side of the globe. You can track things, get instant answers. It is one of your prime tools already.

In your other hand, I want you to put The Bible in it because it speaks to you also. From Job 38:35 it says, “Canst thou send lightnings, that they may go, and say unto thee, Here we are?”

I quote from the late scientist, Henry Morris, “”One of the most remarkable discoveries of modern engineering science is that electrical currents may be used (radio, television, cell phones, etc) to transmit information with lightning speed.”

You now bear witness to it. Your hand possesses the fulfillment of that verse. The Bible is an infinite adventure book and I encourage your other hand to use it.

Now, the Bible is made for use to the common person and speaks to everyone since the beginning. Ancient man probably read and heard Job 38:35 and understood that thunder and lightning happened with great speed. Now, in your time, scientific discovery shows greater meaning. Messages come to you daily from around the world and at your fingertips. Those messages say to you, “Here we are.”

And as you proceed perhaps one starry night, maybe you will gaze into the starry clear sky and see the Southern Cross and be drawn to the cross of that Bible as you walk in a world of exploding technology and as your understanding increases.

You are in a world told to Daniel from Daniel 12: 4 “….many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” You are into breakthroughs of travel (people going to and fro) and knowledge explosions that are at your fingertips.

Use it and look to The One that gave it to you. Put your technology into one hand and you already do that. And you will have to update that over time. In your other hand needs to be The Bible and since it is eternal, it won’t need an update.

Never before in our nation’s history is evidence of our Creator’s hand more visible. You are on life’s adventure. Redeem the time.

Homer R. Dodson

This post was originally published on May 29th, 2012