February 16, 2021 Shanee Strickland

God at Work

God at Work

Reading: Genesis 44-47

God sent me before you to preserve your life.

Joseph finally revealed his identity to his brothers. I’m sure with wide eyes, their hearts sank…would Joseph reprimand them and sentence them to great punishment? No! As the story reiterates again and again, “The Lord was with Joseph.” Rather than scorn or speak in bitterness to his brethren, he told them (45:5) that “God did send me before you to preserve life.” Wow. Joseph really understood what it meant to be an optimist! Joseph had been through many hard times and could have been a very angry, resentful person, but he chose to be something better. He had the right outlook on things, and rather than seeing the negative in his situation, he saw that God was working in his life the whole time.  

Just for today, I will look at my seemingly negative circumstances in a different light. I will try to see how God may be working in my infirmities.